Watch Wyatt Earp Online

Watch Wyatt Earp Online
Film title: Wyatt Earp
Rotten Tomatoes: 62%
Language: English
Plot: Wyatt Earp is a movie about a man and his family. The movie shows us the good times and the bad times of one of the West's most famous individuals.

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Wyatt Earp Cast & Crew

Kevin Costner
as Wyatt Earp
Dennis Quaid
as Doc Holliday
Gene Hackman
as Nicholas Earp
David Andrews
as James Earp
Linden Ashby
as Morgan Earp
Jeff Fahey
as Ike Clanton
Joanna Going
as Josie Marcus
Mark Harmon
as Sheriff Johnny Behan
Michael Madsen
as Virgil Earp
Catherine O'Hara
as Allie Earp
Isabella Rossellini
as Big Nose Kate
Tom Sizemore
as Bat Masterson
JoBeth Williams
as Bessie Earp
Mare Winningham
as Mattie Blaylock