Watch X-Men Online

Watch X-Men Online
Film title: X-Men
Rotten Tomatoes: 81%
Language: English
Plot: From lethal Wolverine to powerful Cyclops to the psychokinetic Dr. Jean Grey, the X-Men represent a pantheon of half-human mutant superheroes in this animated action series based on original characters from Marvel Comics.

X-Men Cast & Crew

Hugh Jackman
as Logan
Patrick Stewart
as Professor Charles Xavier
Ian McKellen
as Eric Lensherr
Famke Janssen
as Jean Grey
James Marsden
as Scott Summers
Halle Berry
as Ororo Munroe
Anna Paquin
as Rogue
Tyler Mane
as Sabretooth
Ray Park
as Toad
Rebecca Romijn
as Mystique
Bruce Davison
as Senator Kelly
Matthew Sharp
as Henry Gyrich
Brett Morris
as Young Magneto
Rhona Shekter
as Magneto's Mother
Kenneth McGregor
as Magneto's Father