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Film title: Xtacy
Language: English
Plot: "Xtacy" is a suspense-thriller inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's classic novella, The Tell-Tale Heart. The film examines a year in the life of Alex Winthrop, a New York artist turned serial killer. Alex finds that by killing beautiful young women he is able to create beautiful masterpieces. He discovers that not only is he able to capture his victim's souls on canvas, but his art moves to a new and exciting place. He begins to taste success at his finger tips. After a while, his victims take over his mind and start driving him mad. He is haunted by them and hears them everywhere. He is unable to find a moment of peace. Alex realizes that the only way to quiet these voices and bring some tranquility to his existence is to keep on killing. It is Alex's addiction to kill which destroys his mind and which ultimately leads to his demise.

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Xtacy Cast & Crew

Tom DeGrezia
as Alex Winthrop
Wass Stevens
as Dominic Monticello
Matthew Porter
as Det. Alan Moretti
Rebecca Lovett
as Detective Sullivan
Kristen Caldwell
as Kara Lindley
Jen Jones
as Ms. Dunley
Elli Frank
as Attempted Victim
Jillian Amelia
as Little Girl
Nebraske Baptiste
as Punk #3
Ariana Bernstein
as Bartender
Joseph Cassucci
as NYPD officer at studio
Stephanie Ciacalone
as Victim #2
Elaina DeGrezia
as Gallery receptionist
Joey DiPaolo
as Guy interrogation
Craig Doescher
as Kevin Lindley