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Film title: Ying zi di ren
Language: Cantonese
Plot: A new cop gets baptized by fire when bank robbers kill her sweetheart and her senior in front of her and she fails to shoot back. She resolves to become hard and rough, then goes undercover. She's also introspective and philosophical, and soon tires of the betrayals of undercover work. She quits, taking up with Brother Panther, a tough but tender thief. Or has she quit? Her superior, Officer Choi, believes she's investigating Panther. Is she a cop or a thief? At times it seems she's investigating Panther's soul, and her own, not the bank job. Over time, she unravels Panther and Choi's connection, but does she understand Panther's nature, his shadow? Or her own?

Ying zi di ren Series
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Ying zi di ren Cast & Crew

Jade Leung
as Jade Wong
James Pax
as Panther
Kenneth Chan
as Officer Choi Chi-Ken
Lung Chan
as Hood
Moses Chan
as Tung
Koon-Lan Law
as Sister
Fui-On Shing
as Keung