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Film title: Youngsville
Language: English
Plot: In the summer of 2009, a group of teens mysteriously disappear in the rural North Carolina countryside and are never found. To date, investigators have offered no explanation for the events in this video discovered in the area in which they were last seen which is now held in evidence by the Youngsville Police Department. The investigation has yet to be closed ...Christian, Michael, Chris and Tyler are life-long pals, enjoying a carefree summer as only teen boys know how. With Michaels ubiquitous video camera in hand, the swaggering group of friends have become infamous for their outrageous antics well documented on YouTube and are enjoying their five minutes of fame, followed by millions of fans. While their exploits have also made them hometown celebs among their peers, their parents are not so amused.When the party spirals completely out of control, the boys parents out of patience and options abruptly commit the foursome to the Youngsville Correctional Camp for troubled youth. Just opened, the facility is located on the site of an orphanage that burned down 40 years ago, killing 35 children and the boys are among the inhospitable new camps first few guests. Under supervision of the forbidding Robert, the program is a no-nonsense, unrelenting routine of manual labor and rigid discipline. Michael, however, still manages to smuggle in his beloved video camera.Settling into their dismal surroundings, they encounter other wayward teens, including Matt, a brooding outsider who keeps to himself, scribbling in a journal; and Heather, locked up for her own arsonist inclinations, who mysteriously advises them to stay inside after dark, but offers no other insightStill recording their every move in anticipation of resurrecting their temporarily suspended career of Internet stardom, the rebellious boys continue to balk at the rules and thwart the system. But under the bravado, disquieting and inexplicable occurrences including fleeting visual and audio sightings of young children leaves each of them on edge.One night, bored by the camps demanding and tedious routine, the boys sneak off campus and venture into the dark cover of the dense woods surrounding the property. With the equally defiant Heather as tour guide, they come upon an abandoned house just as Matt exits, locks the door and disappears into the trees. As they attempt to peer into the dirty windows, they are interrupted by the lights of an approaching truck. When Robert and another man emerge and begin unloading weighty duffel bags, the group quickly slips back to camp unnoticed.Michael later confronts Matt in the barn, who becomes overly agitated, frightening him off. But the boys revelries on Matts problem are abruptly ended by screams and people gathering near the barn. As they rush closer, they see a body dangling from the rafters Matt! Nearby lies his journal and with no police or medical help apparently en route the boys quietly take the book, the contents of which are revealing and chilling.Certain what they dont know will kill them and convinced that the house in the woods holds the key they set out once more

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Youngsville Cast & Crew

Christian Fortune
as Christian
Tyler Steelman
as Tyler
Christopher David
as Christopher
Frank J. Aard
as Robert
Matthew Timmons
as Matthew
Michael Bolten
as Michael
Jennifer Pates
as Ghost
Caity Brewer
as Heather
Estes Tarver
as Patrick
Parris Fortune
as Kid 1
Owen Daly
as Malachi
Marissa Begin
as Interview Girl
Chance Venable
as Kid 2
Grey Gilliam
as Farm Boy 2
Joseph Gilliam
as Farm Boy 1