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Film title: Your Beautiful Cul de Sac Home
Language: English
Plot: Although having a promising future in the profession, Ben McCleary, disillusioned with it, sabotages his law career by purposefully failing the bar exam - three times - which results in him quitting his law job, needing to pay back the signing bonus with the firm, and without money forcing him to go back and live with his parents in the home in which he grew up in the suburbs. Based on advice from his high school friend Frances Churchill, the two who with Trevor Brinkman were known as the revolutionaries in high school, Ben decides his new career is going to be in environmentally sound lawn mowing. When that doesn't pan out due to lack of demand, Church reminds Ben of a manifesto he and Trevor wrote in high school which can enhance the strategy. The house and the car are not the status symbols of the suburbs, but rather the perfect lawn. Thus, in taking over the world, one only needs to take over the lawns. Following the basic tenets of the manifesto, Ben needs to manufacture a problem and come up with the only solution into which everyone will buy. But if this is a revolution, Ben may have face problems if anyone finds out it is and fights back. Meanwhile, Trevor too has moved back into the neighborhood into his deceased mother's house to conduct a quiet revolution of his own.

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Your Beautiful Cul de Sac Home Cast & Crew

Jeff Geddis
as Ben McCleary
Scott Beaudin
as The Kid
Valerie Buhagiar
as Therapist
Charles Officer
as Frances 'Church' Churchill
Ennis Esmer
as Phil Goodfellow
Cameron Kirkwood
as Trevor Brinkman
Terra Vnesa
as Alyssa
Vince Carlin
as Ben's Father
Meg Walter
as Ben's Mother
Leslie Carlson
as Harry Peale
Cairo Noble
as Otis Churchill
Shakira Harper
as Anita Churchill
Matt Gordon
as Greg Fulton
James Kirchner
as Shifty-Looking Man
Miles Zimmerman
as The Pig