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Film title: Ystävät, toverit
Language: Finnish, Russian, German, English, Norwegian, Swedish
Plot: Arno Jurmala is an appreciated nickel tycoon. He has an elegant wife and he owns a huge nickel factory somewhere in Northern Finland. When he is celebrating his birthday in the late 30s, the guest list consists of significant people from different countries all over the world. What they don't know is that behind the neat facade Jurmala is a ruthless man without any morals or virtues. He does anything to make more money. Without hesitating he kills his worst competitors and all his employees who have let him disappointed. And when the second world war begins he trades with Natzi-Germany and Soviet Union -depending on that who is winning at the time. He also mishandles his wife who is unable to have children. That has driven her to become a drug-addict.

Ystävät, toverit Series
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Ystävät, toverit Cast & Crew

Mikk Mikiver
as Arno Jurmala
Stina Ekblad
as Lisa Jurmala
Hannu Lauri
as Jaunkahns
Paavo Liski
as Kaakamo
Otto Sevcík
as Manfred Horst
Ain Lutsepp
as Pavlovski
Aulis Rosendahl
as Superintendent Blom
Göran Schauman
as Director Liljeroos
Jose Martin
as Colonel Camino
Tuire Salenius
as Ulla Kaakamo
Ilkka Rosma
as Younger Jopi Kaakamo
Kare Eskola
as Older Jopi Kaakamo
Mikko Nousiainen
as Merchant Pukki
Walter Bacon
as Kane