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Birthday: 1970-08-31
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario
Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m) Mini Biography Zac
Wiki Biography: Zack Ward was born in 1970. He wanted to act, but his mom, an actress herself, wanted her son to be normal, and would not let him. Finally, his brother intervened, allowing Zack the chance to act. After a year of the small stuff, he got his first big audition for the '80s classic A Christmas Story (1983). About 300 kids showed up for the part (originally he was the sidekick, Grover), and he kept getting called back until it was him and one other redhead. He won the role. On the first set, in Cleveland, the director told him that he was to play the part of Scut Farcus instead of Grover. This was his breakthrough.

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Zack Ward Zack Ward Zack Ward Zack Ward Zack Ward Zack Ward


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Transformers First Sergeant Donnelly 2007 Action
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
A Christmas Story Scut Farkus 1983 0
The Club Kyle 1994 Horror
Wild America 1997 Action, Adventure, Comedy
The Fair Jimmy 1999 Drama
Atomic Train 1999 Action, Drama, Thriller
Civility Billy 2000 Thriller
The Size of Watermelons Skinhead 2000 Comedy, Music
Completely Totally Utterly Chad 2001
Freddy vs. Jason Bobby Davis (Mark's Brother) 2003 Horror, Thriller
Aurora Borealis 2004
A Night at Sophie's Tony 2004 Comedy
L.A. Twister Lenny 2004 Comedy
Resident Evil: Apocalypse Nicholai Ginovaeff 2004 Action, Horror, Sci Fi
Hollywood Kills Nate Folds 2006 Horror, Thriller
Moving McAllister 2007
Transformers First Sergeant Donnelly 2007 0
Postal Dude 2007 0, 0
Kissing Cousins 2008
Battle Planet Jordan Strider 2008
The Devil's Tomb Nickels 2009 Action, Thriller, Horror
Repo Red 2010 Comedy, Drama
Alone in the Dark II 2010 Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Monster Mutt Sirus Caldwell 2011 Comedy, Family
In the Void Mark 2012 Drama, Mystery
Last Stop Alex 2013 Horror
In My Pocket Rob 2013 Drama, Romance
Haunted Chris McCulluch 2014 Horror, Thriller