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Film title: Zenith Protocol
Language: English
Plot: Zenith Protocol is an action based feature film shot in Ireland, U.K., U.S., Poland, Norway, Mexico and Morocco. Written and produced by The Oplawski Twins, this adventure story has brought many talented people together from across the globe. The movie tells the story of two twin brothers Vitaly and Vadim who without knowing get involved in a big conspiracy between the US and Russian governments. They become well trained assassins that destroy anyone who stands in their way. Because of their evil training and brain washing they suffer memory loss and remember nothing from their past. Within time they realize that they are part of genetic modification program, which started during World War 2 by Angel of Death, Dr. Joseph Mengele. The doctor dedicated his life to studies on twins and was trying to discover a unique DNA mutation, plus create an army of super soldiers, capable of tasks beyond human expectations. After slowly getting back their memories Vitaly and Vadim try to discover ...

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Zenith Protocol Cast & Crew

Robert MacDomhnail
as Russian Soldier
Mirsad Ibisevic
as Bosnian Soldier
Alicja Ayres
as Assault Team
Hope Brown
as General Jonson
Sheila Mudd Baker
as USSRI Scientist
Raquel Arraes
as Prostitute
Gerry Wade
as Doctor Flanagan
Raro Ogodo
as USSRI Soldier
Richard Mason
as General Budnikov
Rex Mullins
as Bosnian Soldier
George Bracebridge
as Russian Soldier
Gabriela Calun
as Mother
Matthew Ralli
as CIA Agent
Francesco Murro
as Italian Driver
Tomasz Oplawski
as Vitaly