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Film title: Zero in the System
Language: English
Plot: ZERO IN THE SYSTEM focuses on an ex-con whose sister died of a drug overdose while he was in prison. He has developed a Messiah complex, and within his crime infested community he begins a series of actions that may lead to his own destruction. The film was shot in Spring Valley, New York, cast with mainly non-actors, most of them ex-convicts from the area. The story was heavily developed through improvisation.

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Zero in the System Cast & Crew

Mike Simmons
as Earl Coleman
Tabitha Holbert
as Keisha
Chris Kerson
as Detective Carver
Frank Olivier
as Derek Young
Jerome Gales
as Ulysses
Darrell Crawford
as Detective Boldt
Otis Jones
as Skull
Lawrence Olivier
as Lawrence
Duane Wallace
as Auto Mechanic
Yvette McLarty
as Waitress
Ethel Remy
as Grandmother
Nicole Freeman
as Ariel