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Film title: Zombie Cult Massacre
Language: English
Plot: Marvin and Sally are on their way to Grandma's when a horrible accident with a living corpse thrusts them into the path of a freakish cult. Through the use of powerful drugs, Marvin is transformed from an everyday citizen into a zealous fanatic, hell bent on leading the Zombie Cult into a final, bloody battle with the living dead and a tough biker gang. It is a dark day of suffering and bloodshed when these strange events reach their apocalyptic clima

Zombie Cult Massacre Series
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Zombie Cult Massacre Cast & Crew

Bob Elkins
as Jeffrey
Lonzo Jones
as Roach
Amy Ballard
as Jennifer
Mike Botouchis
as Marvin
Duffy Hudson
as Lenny
Randy Rupp
as George
Mike Walsh
as Vinny
Steve Losey
as Devil
Cari Minster
as Jessica
Bridget Otto
as Billie
Lani Ford
as Sally
Joseph Long
as Cult Member With Shotgun
Artie Kidwell
as Drunken Abusive Father
Mark Mills
as Cult Guard