Watch Zombie Massacre Online

Watch Zombie Massacre Online
Film title: Zombie Massacre
Language: English
Plot: A bacteriological weapon developed by the US Government to create a super soldier - spreads an epidemic in a quiet little town in the middle of Eastern Europe. All citizens have been turned into infected zombies. The plan is to bring an atomic bomb into the city's nuclear plant to pretend a terrible accident occurred. No one has to know the truth. A team of mercenaries is hired to complete the mission. The battle is on. Hordes of monsters against the team. WHO WILL SURVIVE?

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Zombie Massacre Cast & Crew

Christian Boeving
as Jack Stone
Mike Mitchell
as John 'Mad Dog' McKellen
Tara Cardinal
as Eden Shizuka
Ivy Corbin
as Sam Neumann
Carl Wharton
as General Carter
Jon Campling
as Doug Mulligan
Daniel Vivian
as Dragan Ilic
Gerry Shanahan
as Doctor Neumann
Nathalia Henao
as Claire Howard
David White
as Minister of Defense
Uwe Boll
as President of the US
Lee Baughn
as Soldier #1
Garth Lughton
as Soldier #2
Federico Caddeo
as Pervert prisoner
Marissa Chang
as Pool Girl #1