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Alexander the Great Series
Genre: History
Premiere: 2014
Network: HBO
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One of the most dazzling personalities in history, Alexander the Great was also one of its greatest commanders, who expanded his father's realm from Macedonia to Egypt and India. To this day he is considered as one of the greatest warfare strategists the world has ever known. Alexander's life had all the elements of an event drama: the hunger for power, intrigues, lust and excess. His openness to the foreign cultures of the lands he conquered provides a timely touch to this lavish docu-drama.
Alexander the Great S01E02 After the assassination of his father, the young king of Macedonia set out to conquer a massive empire. Against overwhelming odds, Alexander led his army to victories across the Persian territories of Asia Minor, Syria and Egypt finally reaching northwest India - all without suffering a single defeat.
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Season 1
26 October 2014 Season 1, Episode 1: The Path to Power
02 November 2014 Season 1, Episode 2: Until the End of the World