All Wives Cheat

All Wives Cheat Series
Premiere: 2009
Network: Playboy Tv
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Full Show Summary

Face it, we all love watching those cheater reality shows. The drama, the catfights, the undercover surveillance…it definitely makes for compelling television and would be a perfect formula if it weren’t for one thing. No payoff! Sure we “hear” about the scandalous hookups going on behind closed doors, but the cameras always seem to conveniently shut off right before they make it to the bedroom. That is…until now! Starting this month, Playboy TV is taking the term “caught in the act” to a whole new level with the reality series premiere, "ALL WIVES CHEAT". Not onl y are we following unfaithful hotties to the movies, nightclubs, and restaurants, we’re busting in on them right in the middle of their “dirty deeds”! Some yell, some turn furious, and some just keep on going, but we’re making sure their scorned lovers get a glimpse of every sinful detail. Yes it’s painful for significant others to see their gorgeous wife or twentysomething girlfriend butt naked at another dude’s house, but justice NEEDS to be served. According to one of those fancy internet studies, more than 1 out of every 10 spouses strays at least once throughout their marriage. So that means for every dozen hotties you see in a day, at least a handful are getting busy in a broom closet with coworkers, maintenance men, or bisexual BFFs. And that’s exactly who we’re after! "ALL WIVES CHEAT" is on the hunt for lipstick lesbians, barely legal coeds, housewife MILFs and more to make sure NO infidelity goes unpunished (or unfilmed). The producers of the show have assembled a crack surveillance crew ready to zoom in on the cracks and curves of countless horny cheaters. Whether it’s at the gym, in a public park, or the back of a minivan, we’re giving loyal husbands a crystal clear view of just how freaky their wives really are. It’s a dirty job…and damn are we happy to do it! Make sure to keep an eye on your wife and keep a closer eye on "ALL WIVES CHEAT" as it rings in the New Year on December 31, 11:30PM E/P! (Source: Playboy TV) more less