America's Hardest Bounty Hunters

America's Hardest Bounty Hunters Series
Premiere: 2008
Network: Bravo
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Full Show Summary

Hot on the heels of Bravo TV's favorite "Dog the Bounty Hunter" series comes "America's Hardest Bounty Hunters", a specially commissioned fly-on-the-wall diary of the most ruthless team of bounty hunters around. These freelance lawmen call themselves the Fugitive Recovery Agency and their mission is to chase down fugitives and bail-jumpers who the police can't catch. The boss, Fred Slack, is obsessed with nailing lawbreakers following an attack on his family - and he has recruited only the best in the business to help him on his mission. "America's Hardest Boun ty Hunters" is seen on Bravo TV in the UK Weekdays @ 7.30pm. more less