Kaijudo: Rise Of The Duel Masters

Kaijudo: Rise Of The Duel Masters Series
Genre: Animation
Premiere: 2012
Network: Hub
IMDB Rating: 9.7/10
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 10
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Full Show Summary

Ray, a 14-year-old who lives with his mom and granddad, has been recruited by the Duel Masters to study Kaijudo: The Way of the Creature. They chose Ray for his natural talent as a creature tamer and duelist. Along with pals Allie and Gabe, Ray learns to work with the magical creatures ... in their world. Each duel he fights yields new experience and allies in both worlds. The Veil, which has divided the two worlds for a thousand years, is crumbling. Hope lies with those who can master the art of Kaijudo. (Source: HUB TV)
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Season 1
Season 1, Episode 6: Into the Fire - Part 1
Season 1, Episode 7:
Season 1, Episode 16:
Season 1, Episode 17:
Season 1, Episode 18:
Season 1, Episode 19:
Season 1, Episode 20:
Season 1, Episode 21:
Season 1, Episode 22:
Season 1, Episode 24: Betrayal