About Us - TVDuck.com

TVDuck is a Toronto based technology company interested in helping make premium video content accessible for all online. With hundreds of content providers available online many problems arise, such as: the problem of geographic locking, date restricted viewing, and the limited episodes on each source. TVDuck wants to let users quickly locate and watch the content viwers want online instantly.

TVDuck maintains data partnerships with major content providers (e.g. HULU, FOX, APPLE, NETFLIX); merged with our proprietary search technology, we regularly crawl and maintain the best sources for content viewers want. With our big-data set we provide video specific search that one may not be able to sort by on regular search engines (e.g. 'Drama Shows' 'Started after 2008' with an 'IMDB rating of 8' available online).

As of 2015, TVDuck has existing partnerships with 20+ content providers and is focused on English speaking content video content. We have over 2 million episodes available to watch on our site. We are currently planning to extend this to all geographies and provide a more personalized experience to all and remain platform agnostic. Think of us as the TV Guide of the future. We are a team of engineers, online marketers and tv fans that have all come together to make watching tv and movies online as simple as surfing channels with a regular TV.

If you would like to help, or need help, please use info-at-tvduck.com as your primary source of contact.