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We are more than happy to answer all of your inquires as fast and as accurate as possible in order to provide you with the best services and customer satisfaction available online.
Before contacting us, please refer to the FAQ page, to resolve any questions we may have answered your question already.
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If you would like to suggest the removal of a link, please visit our DMCA / Link Removal page.
Webmasters wanting to exchange links or link to our site can look at the linking page.
If you would like your site to be included in our index, generally we can detect new websites and auto index content,
but if your site is still not included, feel free to email us.
TVDuck Indexing | Media Indexing Engine [MIE]
- Media Indexing: Automated spidering of data, updated in near real time.
- Media Classification: Mapping algorithm which classifies data based on many factors.
- Media Delivery: Provide data for delivery based on query criteria.
We are happy to announce that we were acquired in July 2012 by a Waterloo based firm.