TV Guide & Listings

TV Show Guide for 2018-03-04
02:30America's Test Kitchen
18x9 - Soup for Dinner
09:00CBS News Sunday Morning
2018x9 - Episode 9
10:00Close Up with the Hollywood Reporter
3x14 - Actors/Actresses
3x5 - Crash Course
10:00Fareed Zakaria GPS
2018x9 - Episode 9
11:00Giada Entertains
3x9 - Jade's Painting Party
17:00Naked News
2018x53 - Naked News Magazine 2018-03-04
22x13 - Melissa Napier
2018x - Live from the Red Carpet – Part 1
19:00Game Shakers
2018x - Live from the Red Carpet – Part 2
19:00Fear Factor
2x2 - Tech-Hell
19:30School of Rock
3x16 - Surprise, Surprise
2018x - Live from the Red Carpet – Part 3
2018x4 - The 90th Annual Academy Awards
1x7 - The Sincerest Form of Flattery
20:00Flea Market Flip
11x18 - Trash-talking Family Flip
20:00Our Cartoon President
1x5 - State Dinner
20:00Guy's Grocery Games
17x1 - Judge vs. Judge
20:00Autopsy: The Last Hours Of...
7x4 - Mary Tyler Moore
20:00Sister Wives
9x11 - The Truth Comes Out
20:00Meow Manor
1x16 - Purr-formance Piece
20:00Food Paradise
11x43 - More Bite for the Buck
21:00Ash vs Evil Dead
3x2 - Booth Three
7x4 - Like Bad At Things
21:00Here and Now
1x4 - Hide and Seek
21:00Evil Lives Here
3x9 - Blood Atonement
21:00When Calls the Heart
5x3 - Home Is Where the Heart Is
21:00Worst Cooks in America
12x9 - Flair Flair Everywhere
21:00Keeping Up with the Kardashians
14x19 - The Gender Reveal
21:00The Walking Dead
8x10 - The Lost and the Plunderers
12x3 - Trick Daddy
21:00Barnwood Builders
6x6 - A Gift for Graham
21:00North Woods Law
10x8 - Bait And Switch
21:00Food Paradise
11x44 - T.G.I. Fried
21:00Street Outlaws
10x - The Fireball
2x8 - Alone Again, Naturally
22:00On the Case with Paula Zahn
16x12 - As She Lay Dying
1x3 - Rick Ross
22:00Meet the Peetes
1x3 - The Guilt Trip
22:00Talking Dead
7x10 - The Lost and the Plunderers
22:00The Chi
1x8 - Wallets
22:00Secrets of the Lost
1x2 - Ghosts of the Great Pyramid
22:00Street Outlaws
10x - The Gonorail
2x8 - Roast Battle
23:00Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
5x3 - TBA
4x20 - Stephen Hawking
23:30Mike Tyson Mysteries
4x1 - Spring Break
23:35Sundays with Alec Baldwin
1x - Special Sneak Peek
00:00Mr. Pickles
3x3 - S.H.O.E.S.
00:00Comic Book Men
7x8 - The Canine Crusaders