Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire Series
Genre: Action
Premiere: 2013
Network: Reelzchannel
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 2
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The Earth rocks in "Ring of Fire", a terrifying end-of-the-world scenario, starring Michael Vartan (Alias), Lauren Lee Smith (CSI), Emmy Award® winner Terry O’Quinn (Lost) and Agam Darshi (Sanctuary). When an oil rig causes an eruption in a small town, it’s just the first in a series that could affect the dangerous "Ring of Fire" that contains most of the world’s volcanoes. If these cataclysmic eruptions cannot be stopped, the Earth could be headed for an extinction level event. "Ring of Fire"is directed by Paul Shapiro (Smallville) and written by Michael Vickerma n (Impact). (Source: ReelzChannel) more less
Ring of Fire S01E02
Last Episode, 12 March 2013: Season 1, Episode 2: Part 2 of 2
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Season 1
11 March 2013 Season 1, Episode 1: Part 1 of 2
12 March 2013 Season 1, Episode 2: Part 2 of 2