100 Most Popular TV Shows

TVDuck has an index of over 5,000 Television shows, below are the most popular tv shows over the last month. These shows broadcast on Netflix, network television, and other sources such as HULU, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and many more. The list contains anime, game shows, 90s, 80s and kids shows, there is no filter applied to these results!

Most Popular TV Shows

If you are looking to filter your TV shows based on genre, year or network such as HBO or Netflix, you may do so from above under the TV Shows section. This section renders the overall top TV shows on TVDuck over the last month. If your TV show is not listed on TVDuck and as a result does not show up here, please let us know!

New Popular Shows

Because this list is refreshed monthly (it takes the last 30 days worth of views) and ratings to determine popularity, it gives a chance for many new TV Shows to show up on the list as well. So rest assured, this list is constantly refreshed! In-fact the list is a live preview of the most popular tv series. Many times the results may seem skewed because a popular episode such as a pilot or season premier may have just aired for the given TV show.

Stream Popular Series

We try to have the most legal sources available for each TV series we list here. Most sources for these shows do not require any sort of downloading.