New Movies on Amazon

Under the Silver LakeArcticCaptain America: Civil WarWhat Men WantTwilight Vamps
Fallen - Road Less TraveledGuernicaSquare GrouperWheelerThe West and the Ruthless
Kyrsyä: TuftlandLycan ColonyBride of ScarecrowLovelandChudail Story
The PiningJakkannaDifferent Roads To HeavenDrunk ParentsConspiracy Chronicles: 9/11, Aliens and the Illuminati
Moomins and the Winter WonderlandCon ManCreep NationF for FrancoClaudelle Inglish
The Thinning: New World OrderFat Guy with a Shotgun21 Days Under the SkyPerfectos desconocidosMaari 2
Dragon Ball Super: BrolyGoodnight, CharleneFinding NoahThe Circuit 2: The Final PunchChristmas Icetastrophe
Wedding of DreamsMaster of Dark ShadowsThe Adventures of Jurassic PetHeroes Don't Come HomeBobby Sands: 66 Days
Won Ton Ton: the Dog Who Saved HollywoodTangent RoomTales That Witness MadnessThe Lego Movie 2: The Second PartThe Kid Who Would Be King
AntipornoSteel CountryBlood CraftThe Man with the Magic BoxInduced Effect
Long LostJust Let GoWrestleThe CharmerThe Directive
Savage YouthPandasBlack SiteMum's ListThree Words to Forever
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New on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon has many catalogue's with Amazon Instant and Amazon Prime Video. Aside from the fact that Amazon now produces it's own original programming, Amazon has been adding content to it's platform faster than any other platform we have seen! Amazon is adding new movies to Amazon Prime Video all the time, if you have a Amazon Prime membership, you get access to all the newest releases for free!

New releases streaming on Amazon Prime Video

New movies on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video gives you access to movies for free if you have a Prime membership, all you have to do is login. Most movies are added at the beginning of every month to Amazon, we provide you a full movie list below. You can sort the movie list by popularity below or sort by newest movies. The movie list shows the most recently added amazon prime movies newest releases sorted in a descending manner first. The popular movies list shows you the movies people on TVDuck have thought of as the best movies on Amazon prime instant video.

New TV shows on Amazon Prime

The TV show list shown below, much like movies, is sorted based on newest movies and popularity. It is interesting to know that Amazon produces many TV series exclusively for their network. Amazon gets access to certain networks like HBO and SHO time shows before other online sources or not at all. You can browse the show list below to see what shows are currently available for streaming as shows are taken offline at various times. You may also browse to any series you want to watch on TVDuck and see if Amazon is listed as a source and select it as a source. Remember, Amazon offers a FREE one month trial so you can try it out and watch some of the top shows only available on their service for free.