What's On TV Tonight

TV Show Guide for 2020-01-27
11:00Rachael Ray
14x84 - Jerry O'Connell Dishes On TV and Broadway Gigs + PUPPIES!!
11:30Paw Patrol
6x40 - Pups Save a Humsquatch
11:45Paw Patrol
6x41 - Pups Save a Far Flung Flying Disc
12:15The Adventures of Paddington
1x9 - Paddington and the Treehouse
12:30The Young and the Restless
2020x16 - Ep. #11860
13:00Days of Our Lives
2020x18 - Ep. #13773
13:30The Bold and the Beautiful
2020x14 - Ep. #8260
14:00General Hospital
2020x14 - Ep. #14470
14:00The Talk
2020x16 - Dionne Warwick
15:00The Ellen DeGeneres Show
2020x16 - TBA
16:00The Peoples Court
23x76 - Creeping around
16:00High Noon (9 a.m. Pacific)
2020x18 - Jan 27 Mon
17:00Naked News
2020x22 - 2020-01-27
18:00PBS NewsHour
2020x19 - January 27, 2020
18:30NBC Nightly News
2020x25 - Jan 27 Mon
19:00The Casagrandes
1x13 - How to Train Your Carl
2020x19 - Returning Champion Vs. , Show # 8146
20:00WWE Monday Night RAW
27x4 - #1392 - AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX
20:00All American
2x10 - Protect Ya Neck
20:009-1-1: Lone Star
1x3 - Texas Proud
20:00Polaris: Player Select
3x24 - Welcome to the Dungeon
20:00Tucker Carlson Tonight
2020x19 - January 27, 2020
20:00America's Got Talent: The Champions
2x4 - The Champions Four
20:00The Bachelor
24x4 - Week 4
20:00Live PD: Police Patrol
4x56 - Police Patrol #248
20:00Brain Games
8x3 - Mind Over Matter
20:00Love & Hip Hop
10x8 - Whose Birthday is it Anyway?
20:30Live PD: Police Patrol
4x57 - Police Patrol #249
21:00Kids Baking Championship
8x4 - Llama Drama
21:00The Best Thing I Ever Ate
11x12 - More Than I Can Count!
21:00Black Lightning
3x11 - The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two
21:00Undercover Boss
9x4 - Clean Harbors
21:00Below Deck
7x17 - Let Them Eat Penis Cake!
21:00Live Rescue
2x16 - 01.27.20
21:00Cuomo Prime Time
3x13 - Episode 013
21:00Prodigal Son
1x12 - Internal Affairs
21:00The Night That Didn't End
2x6 - A Mother's Love
21:00Fatal Attraction
9x9 - Flames Of Betrayal
21:00No Passport Required
2x3 - Houston
21:00American Pickers
21x9 - Midwest Mayhem
21:00The Rachel Maddow Show
2020x18 - Episode 18
21:00Home Town
4x2 - The Littlest House
21:00Maine Cabin Masters
4x3 - Call of The Loon
21:00Brain Games
8x4 - Kids vs. Adults
21:00Love & Hip Hop Miami
3x4 - Blurred Lines
22:00Independent Lens
21x6 - The First Rainbow
22:00Pawn Stars
17x9 - Gold Digger
22:00Food Network Challenge
14x6 - Monopoly Cakes
2x4 - Black Box
22:00The Good Doctor
3x13 - Sex and Death
22:00American Greed
13x10 - Starstruck Studio Swindle
22:00Beyond the Unknown
2x6 - Mothman, Al Capone and Mary Celeste
32x20 - Hammer To Fall
22:00One of a Kind
2x7 - The House With Blues
16x13 - Chanel and Sterling CLXIII
22:00Spy Games
1x2 - Locked In
2020x9 - Keegan-Michael Key
23:35Lights Out with David Spade
1x84 - TBD
23:35The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
2020x16 - Michael Strahan, Matt Bomer, Nick Thune
23:35Jimmy Kimmel Live
2020x13 - Kathy Bates, Cynthia Erivo, Kelsea Ballerini

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