What's On TV Tonight

TV Show Guide for 2019-10-17
09:00Elena of Avalor
3x7 - Captain Mateo
11:00Rachael Ray
14x29 - It's our World Series SNACKdown show
12:30The Young and the Restless
2019x206 - Ep. #11796
13:00Days of Our Lives
2019x204 - Ep. #13704
13:30The Bold and the Beautiful
2019x204 - Ep. #8201
14:00The Talk
2019x179 - Jeremy Sisto, Blanco Brown
14:00General Hospital
57x201 - Ep. #14410
2019x44 - Episode 44
15:30Hot Bench
6x34 - Hey IRS! Can You Spot the Thief!?
16:00Judge Judy
24x39 - Irreplaceable Violin Victim!; Ex-In-Laws' Exit!; Dog in a Tutu!
17:00Naked News
2019x248 - 2019-10-17
17:00The Five
2019x210 - The Five 10-17-2019
18:00PBS NewsHour
2019x209 - October 17, 2019
18:30NBC Nightly News
2019x282 - Oct 17 Thur
19:00Hotel Transylvania: The Series
2x12 - Stepmonsters
19:00Hotel Transylvania: The Series
2x13 - Better Know Your Mavis
2020x29 - Returning Champion Vs. ,Show # 8074
19:30Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure
3x8 - Day of the Animals
15x2 - Raising Hell
20:00Young Sheldon
3x4 - Hobbitses, Physicses and a Ball with Zip
20:00Grey's Anatomy
16x4 - It's Raining Men
5x4 - Mall Closing
20:00Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
3x9 - Holy Drama
20:00The Very Very Best of the 70s
1x14 - Catchphrases
20:00Live PD
4x9 - 10.17.19
20:00All In with Chris Hayes
2019x202 - Episode 202
20:30Perfect Harmony
1x4 - Hunting Season
20:30The Unicorn
1x4 - The Unicorn and the Catfish
1x6 - Robby Krieger of The Doors & Dennis Quaid
21:00The Good Place
4x4 - Tinker, Tailor, Demon, Spy
21:00Chasing the Cure Live
1x10 - Episode 10
2x2 - This Year Will Be Different
21:00Bringing Up Bates
8x20 - Shall We Dance?
7x4 - Twirly Flippy Men and a Dirty Bird
21:00A Wedding and a Murder
2x6 - Praying for Murder
21:00A Million Little Things
2x4 - The Perfect Storm
21:00Flip or Flop
8x - Risky Business: Switching Rooms
21:00CopyCat Killers
6x13 - Basic Instinct
21:00Chrisley Knows Best
7x16 - Are You There Todd? It's Me Grayson
21:00Killer Couples
12x6 - Kim Leblanc & Justin Thomas
21:00Deadly Women
13x9 - Blood Money
21:00Rehab Addict
9x3 - 14-Mile House
21:00Million Dollar Listing: New York
8x12 - Ruffled Heathers
21:00Ex on the Beach
3x14 - The Final Crush
21:00Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso
4x48 - Capítulo 48
21:00Mysteries of the Abandoned
5x3 - Haunting of Heartbreak Castle
21:00The Rachel Maddow Show
2019x202 - Episode 202
1x4 - Schnorf Town
21:30Chrisley Knows Best
7x17 - Driving Ms. Faye
21:30Carol's Second Act
1x4 - Marathon Day
21:30Real Money
2x12 - The Good, The Bad, The Loose Change
22:00Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
21x4 - The Burden of Our Choices
22:00How to Get Away with Murder
6x4 - I Hate the World
22:00Mr Inbetween
2x6 - Let Me Stop You There
22:00Beat Bobby Flay
22x9 - You Look Radishing
1x4 - Rose 390
22:00Live PD: Wanted
1x1 - Episode 1
22:00The Holzer Files
1x3 - A Grave Revenge
22:00Impractical Jokers
8x19 - Bad Carma
22:00Temptation Island
2x2 - The Cuffs Are Off
22:00The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell
2019x202 - Episode 202
22:00El Señor de los Cielos
7x4 - Episode 4
23:00Desus & Mero
2019x35 - Episode 35
23:00The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
2019x132 - Taika Waititi
23:00Watch What Happens Live
16x165 - Angela Kinsey & Jenna Fischer
23:35Jimmy Kimmel Live
2019x135 - Paul Rudd, Lizzy Caplan, Tyler Childers

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