When I Was 17

When I Was 17 Series
Premiere: 2003
Network: MTV
IMDB Rating: 2.5/10
Sessons: 3
Full Episodes: 10
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Ever wonder what your favorite celebrity was like as a teenager? What did they do differently than you to get where they are? And what did they do the same? In this poignant, sometimes funny, often enlightening, always inspiring new show, each episode will focus on the lives of three uniquely different artists. We'll explore their upbringing, family life, school days, friendships, romantic relationships, part-time jobs and the things they did, or didn't do, to get them to where they are today. The series will give MTV viewers an exciting look inside the world of y our favorite stars BUT with a twist --- it will provide a rare look at their lives before they were famous. MTV's 'When I Was 17' will show how artists' lives are different from the average viewers'... and how they are the same. In some cases, we'll hear about seventeen years olds struggling with the same challenges as their peers -- trying to figure out what their lives will hold at the end of high school. In many cases, we'll see driven young people who were already hard at work at 17 to make their dreams come true. 'When I Was 17' will provide a picture of what the now glamorous stars were like in their teen years. It will also provide an instant nostalgia trip for the stars and their fans. In each episode, we'll take a look back at pop culture from the year each star was 17, reminiscing about their favorite music, movies, and TV shows. Find out about the car they drove, the clothes they wore, their favorite hang-outs, and hear their memories of historical events from when they were 17. (Source: MTV) more less
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Season 1
01 May 2010 Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot
08 May 2010 Season 1, Episode 2:
15 May 2010 Season 1, Episode 3:
Season 2
30 October 2010 Season 2, Episode 1:
06 November 2010 Season 2, Episode 2:
Season 3
Season 3, Episode 0:
Season 3, Episode 2:
Season 3, Episode 3:
Season 3, Episode 8:
Season 3, Episode 9: